Optimistic Triple Laced Vintage Inspired Hippie Mocha Extender

Size Guide

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Extender slip/top or dress with triple lace trim on the bottom in white.

Wear this under a dress as a slip or dress extender for those shorter dresses.

Available in sizes XL, 1XL and 2XL.

Or you can layer underneath any top to add length and create a NEW LOOK.😎

Length is 37" aprox. Does not include straps.

XL Bust 23" total 46"

1XL Bust 24" total 48"

2XL Bust 25" total 50"

 ✔ Easy fit. Adjustable straps.

There is a lot of stretch so you can add inches to the bust.

62% cotton

30 % rayon

8% spandex