7 Types of Vibes That The Boho Fashion Brings to Your Wardrobe

February 05, 2022 3 min read

Have you ever noticed how different types of clothes change your mood? When you dress up for weddings and parties you feel festive, your travel outfits make you feel like a world traveler, and when you put on your favorite everyday outfits you feel stylish and confident about your unique fashion sense. These are all different types of vibes that you get from different types of fashion styles. So what type of vibes does the boho fashion create?

When people ask what is bohemian fashion, they usually get the answer that is a retro, classic fashion that started centuries ago. This answer creates a perception that boho fashion can only give “vintage vibes.” But the reality is different; boho fashion is known for its versatility! If you ask people who are following this fashion for a long time, they will tell you, it offers a range of different vibes that can win anyone’s heart. 

Here are seven types of vibes that make people fall in love with boho fashion!


Bohemian fashion helps you channel bold, courageous, and confident vibes. It incorporates unique designs and patterns that make you feel empowered. Boho chic animal print clothes are especially famous for this. From cheetah print dresses to leopard print tunics and abstract animal print kimonos, animal prints can enable you to rock a seriously stand-out look!


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Bohemian fashion incorporates nature-inspired, floral designs and patterns that remind you of the cheerful and colorful spring season and beautiful tropical landscapes. When you put on outfits with such designs, you feel alive and are able to channel “happy vibes.”


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It’s no secret that the colors you wear can affect your mood and emotions. Bright colors like red, orange, and yellow can raise your vibrational frequency. Boho fashion allows you to experiment with such colors to seek energetic vibes. 


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Bohemian is an unrestricted and free-spirited fashion. It is characterized by long flowing and loose outfits that create a relaxed and comfortable vibe. 


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Unlike other fashions —  that require you to change yourself and adjust to their rules, bohemian fashion allows you to be who you are.

You can choose different pieces that suit your personality and mix and match them to create your own look. For example, plaid designs — the signature of boho fashion — are especially known for this. They are versatile enough to suit any occasion or mood. 


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Bohemian is a fashion with a purpose. It represents the free spirit, creativity, and freedom. Its essence is conveyed by unique designs and embroidery that give artistic vibes to the wear. Boho clothing inspires you to express your inner artist by creating your own style. 


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Boho chic has become a global fashion phenomenon over the years. It serves as a meeting point of different cultures around the world. From dresses with African motifs and Indian prints to Japanese kimonos, you can find a global focus in almost every boho-chic garment.


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